Berrien CASA

what do we do?

We advocate for their best interests.


Each year over 325 children and youth are placed in foster care in Berrien County alone due to extreme abuse and neglect.  They become our kids. 

When an abused child is placed in foster care everything changes in their life. They can leave home with only the clothes on their back. Our kids have 3- 4 foster homes which means changing schools, changing friends, changing everything. 

They may be separated from their brothers and sisters. They will have little access to extended family, old friends, their community. They will have foster care workers, who change frequently. 

Their already chaotic world becomes even more chaotic. Everything changes, all the time. 

All because people they trusted abused them. They are our most vulnerable victims. They are our children.

CASA Volunteers stand for them. 

WE are CASA. CASA provides highly trained community volunteers to advocate for the BEST INTERESTS of abused and neglected children in foster care. We are their voice. 

CASA Volunteers  investigate the facts of the child's situation, they learn everything they can from everyone in the child's life. They communicate and share information with children's foster care workers, their lawyers and the court. They look for resources in the community. They advocate in the courtroom and make sure that the child's voice is heard. 

They make sure that children don't get lost in a complicated foster care system. 

Interested in helping?

Are you interested in learning more about how you can help? CASA is always seeking volunteers to advocate for our children, assist with office duties or help with fundraising.  If you are interested , we'd love to talk with you.

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We are growing!

CASA  has operated successfully in Berrien County since June, 2016. Since that time we have served over  80 children and trained 45 volunteers! We are proud to support our Berrien County children but, we know there is more work to do. 

We look forward to expanding our service in Southwest Michigan to serve EVERY foster child who  would benefit from  our advocacy and caring volunteers.