Berrien CASA

Frequently Asked Questions


Who are CASA kids?

Any child who has been abused and who is under the jurisdiction of the Berrien County Family Court or the St. Joseph County Family Court can be a CASA kid, but generally our children have seen the worst. They may have been severely abused, they may have had several foster homes already, they may have many siblings and are separated from them. They may have extensive educational, medical or emotional needs. CASA Volunteers serve the children who need our advocacy, consistency and listening ear the most!

What if I work full time?

Many of our volunteers have full time positions but, most have some flexibility in their day to attend court hearings and some meetings.

Tell me about training?

Training is usually 10 sessions, 3 hours each in a classroom setting and generally weekday evenings. We provide everything you need. We learn about the law, culture, poverty, trauma, brain development, family supports, education and special education, medical needs, and “how” to CASA. After you are trained CASA Staff will fully support you during your advocacy.

Can I choose the child/ren?

 We do our best to match volunteers and children. One of the best ways to do this is to listen to our volunteer’s preferences. Of course, we don’t choose our children, we serve those the court assigns so some flexibility is important. 

How many children will I advocate for?

Most CASA Volunteers have 1-2 children, in large families, we have a team of CASA Volunteers who advocate. 

Where are our kids located?

While all of our children will have court hearings in Berrien County or St. Joseph County, due to a lack of local foster homes, some children might be placed in surrounding communities. .