Berrien CASA

Our Children

I am you.

 I am for the child who has seven addresses in a single year. Because she is in foster care. Because her father abused her. And because her mother couldn't believe her.

I am for her. 

The child, barely 6, who is bounced not from home to home, but house to house. Who no longer believes in others, whose world is not safe and who no longer believes in herself. 

I am for that child.

To listen to her. 

To stand up for her . 

Everywhere. Always. 

To champion, without compromise for what is in her best interest.

Because if I am there for her, I know that she will be  half as likely to languish in foster care and that much more likely to find a safe, permanent home. THAT is the child I am for. 

I am a Court Appointed Special Advocate Volunteer

I am you.